Local celebs join Quinton van der Burgh to open a well in Limpopo
April 13, 2018
Pearl Thusi offers to help you pay off your debt – All 4 Women
April 16, 2018

Pearl Thusi wants to pay off your debt

After yesterday’s Twitter dilemma, this is the perfect time forPearl Thusi to show her followers, that as much as she’ll still come for you on Twitter, she’s also willing to help in any way she can.

It’s the time of giving again and this time Pearl Thusi wants to help you pay off your debt. Pearl is probably one of many celebrities to receive countless emails from fans wanting financial assistance for many different things. Whether it be to pay off school fees, to pay rent or to buy textbooks, celebrities are flooded with fans who would like to be helped.

Pearl Thusi has partnered with the Quinton van der Burgh foundation to help a fan and a friend pay off their debts. All you have to do is go to the Quinton van der Burgh foundation website and tell them your story and maybe you could be the chosen one to be assisted financially.

The #ActOfGenerosity initiative is designed to help those drowning in debt and also empower people about financial freedom while teaching them how to be more savvy with money.

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Marieta Zeferino

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